Golf Courses

How do you get vibrant greens, golf tees that that stand up to wear and tear and fairways that stay green year round?

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Athletic Fields

Athletic fields get trampled and still need to look like no one’s ever played there. How do you guarantee that?

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Parks & Open Spaces

Cost effective turf maintenance in parks and open green spaces is extremely doable when you know the science.

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Impressive lawns that stand up to the elements and resist insects are simple to maintain if you know the science.

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The KEY to cost-effective, vibrant, healthy turf grass is to KNOW YOUR SCIENCE.


Use the turf maintenance techniques used at Professional Ballparks and Stadiums and five World Cup Brazilian Soccer Fields.

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The Affordable Trigon Turf Difference Is in the Science


A lot of people ask us, “What’s the big deal about mowing low or low height of cut turf grass?

Thomas Tremblay, our Trigon Turf Science director, explains the science behind getting the best results.

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