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Golf Courses

IMG_4230Maintaining turf grass on a golf course is demanding. You have a variety of playing surfaces that all have unique needs. The fairways, greens, tees and even the driving range are all stressed differently, yet need to look vibrant and play well, year round. Weather, compaction, low height of cut, disease pressures we know the stresses; however, it doesn’t matter to your members or the board. It’s got to look great all the time.

Talk to our team about the specialized treatments we recommend for each area of your course.

Athletic Fields


Athletic fields take a beating. Yet they still have to rebound and look new for the next match with little time in between events.

The Trigon Turf approach to maintaining athletic turf has been used in professional and collegiate sports venues throughout Florida.

These solutions are proven for the heavy play the fields take for football, baseball, soccer, tennis and polo.

Parks & Open Spaces

parks1Public parks and private green spaces are part of daily living. The people that use and view these areas appreciate the vibrant, green and healthy turf. It’s what’s expected.

Maintaining these areas to withstand the weather and the traffic in a cost-effective manner is key.

Trigon Turf has built customized solutions for these areas. They can be incorporated into current maintenance plans without having to make disruptive changes. You will get results and users of these spaces will greatly appreciate it.


The expectations for commercial and residential landscapes has become demanding. If they want it to look like a golf course, why not use the same science and materials?

Trigon Turf has the solution: its simple, effective and affordable. The results will amaze your customers.

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