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Over the last 20 years, the mowing heights have gotten lower, the water quality has gotten poorer, closures are few and far between and expectations are greater than ever! Sound familiar? We see it everyday. You have to do more with less. We are here to share ideas and strategies to give your turf optimal performance in a non-optimal growing environment.


Primary goal of the turf grass plant? Protein Synthesis. It’s all about the ENERGY. Make as much as you can, burn as little as possible.


Magnesium is at the heart of Chlorophyll. But so are N, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B, etc. Let’s learn where the deficiencies are and dial in your color.


The silver bullets are gone. Trigon develops safer strategies, that can be applied more frequently, with ZERO re-entry restrictions.


The Air Spike aerator addresses localized compaction and aerates your turf or lawn in a few easy steps. This turf and lawn aeration tool helps to improve drainage, alleviate compaction and give roots room to grow. Put oxygen where you need it!