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Difference Is in the Science

A lot of people ask us, “What’s the big deal about mowing low or low height of cut turf grass? Thomas Tremblay, our Trigon Turf Science director, explains the science behind getting the best results.

Calcium, New Year’s Resolution: Put out Calcium All Year Round!

Why aren’t we putting out Calcium all year round? At Trigon, we were frustrated with this! So we went out to find the best possible limestone that we could use ALL.THE.TIME!

SuperCal 98MG Field

After showing you why we liked SuperCal 98MG on the lab, we wanted to do a practical application and show you: You can put out calcium ALL. YEAR. ROUND.


See our AirSpike in action!

Evaluating Granular Humates and EON7

When it comes to GRANULAR HUMATES, we need a product that has a slow-release effect and stays in the soil without breaking down. The goal here is to provide the plant with a consistent source of humic acid without fearing a rain event or that a watering cycle will dilute the product. We like to work with EON 75, which unlike other products will stay in the soil, giving you that slow-release that will last for months to come.

Ninja Tines

What if you could core-aerify year round without affecting play? Now it’s possible with these new Ninja Tines. On a 1 x 2 setting you will remove 1% of organic material. Use them on a monthly basis and remove 12% per year. When combined with your regular aerifications, you’ll be removing 20-30% of organic material every year.